MyCuris assists members in navigating from one place to another in healthcare provision facilitating a lengthy and often difficult process. It helps members moving around the healthcare system and planning their access to healthcare providers


MyCuris platform enables members to organise their activities and share information with chosen healthcare providers to attain access to appropriate and effective care.


Through MyCuris platform, members gain access to services and an abundance of digital tools, vital to manage their health and overall wellbeing. It offers a handful of physical and digital resources to support decision making


Education is fundamental in provision, timely intervention and effective treatment. MyCuris members through Patients Academy gain access to accurate and valid information, which enables them to remain strong and healthy.


Personal Medical Details

MyCuris® is an online personal health and wellness program and you can get your profile on MyCuris® platform personalized by inputting your medical details. This information includes basic details about your medical history and your current medical condition and it will be useful for both future use by yourself and your medical advocate in managing your health status.

Digital Consultation

The today’s rapid changing and technology driven healthcare environments, allow medical experts from different disciplines or sub specialties and from different working spaces to commonly review a case and decide on the way forward. MyCuris® provides the possibility of creating your virtual multi-disciplinary team (MDT) by creating a case for a specific request, upload relevant information (diagnostics, reports etc.) and invite doctors to review and comment. You can build your own MDT or ask your health advocate to assist you in forming one. You can elect whether to allow medical professionals to see each other’s comments or whether to keep the discussion private. You can also elect duration of access by the medical professional.

Medical Archive

MyCuris® offers you the supportive system to archive your medical records online and accessing them from anywhere in the world within seconds. These records can also be shared with your doctors should you choose to share them.

Health Goals

Through MyCuris® platform, you can easily define your health goals and tailor a plan based on your personal lifestyle to reach them. Goal setting presuppose that you have identified the need of change in a specific area of your personal life and you are ready to plan and take actions to accomplish.

Mental Health

Through a secure environment flanked by acceptance, empathy, support, trust and confidentiality, you can externalize your thoughts and feelings. The goals of Curis Mental Health services are to help you realize the triggers that may make you less functional in your everyday life, acquire self-awareness and awareness of what is happening around you and activate your internal strengths. Through our mental health services, you can explore new, more effective ways of managing situations that may experience and develop yourself by achieving positive results to your growth and well-being.

Healthy Nutrition

Healthy nutrition is an essential part in maintaining good health since it consists a key factor for strong body and mind. People developing a healthy eating habits by following a balanced diet and by getting the proper nutrients, minimize significantly the risks for their health. Through MyCuris® platform, you gain access to tools designed to assist you plan your daily nutrition based on your personal nutritional needs.

Medical Services Request

MyCuris® is an integral part of Curis Network, an international ecosystem of experienced medical professionals and wellness providers which ensures that you will enjoy the best services in a cost effective and transparent way. Curis Medical Concierge Services will cater for all your health and wellness demands, by guiding you to the relevant professionals and by coordinating between you and service providers.

Managing a Chronic Disease in a Fast Pace Environment

My schedule is too busy. I’ m working and traveling a lot. At the same time I need to take care of my health and manage the effects of my diabetes, chronic disease that requires changing my lifestyle and monitoring from a team of professionals. MyCuris saves me time and energy. My personal advocate is a real life saver. She keeps it organized and makes all services available for me on time. No matter where I am, I don’t have to worry as I know that my health is in safe hands.

Marianna, 37

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