MyCuris® Explained

What is MyCuris®?

MyCuris® is a membership based program that encourages and supports you to manage your health and enhance your wellness status. It adopts a holistic approach of well-being, where good health is combined with balanced nutrition and physical activity and it aims in assisting people in pursuing personal growth and achieving quality of life.


You can join MyCuris® with an annual membership fee by selecting the right package, which best accommodates your personal needs. Upon subscription, you gain access to MyCuris® platform, which provides a handful of digital and physical resources to constantly guiding and supporting you in making educated choices towards a balanced life.
The program has been designed to enhance your choices and facilitate the shift to a healthy lifestyle. It addresses to individual to individuals, who irrespectively of their age or health status or any pre-existing condition, are interested in expanding their knowledge and their network on matters related to their well-being.


Health is being considered in a broader perspective and it is defined as the perfect combination of different yet interconnected aspects, all contributing to well-being. A strong body, a peaceful mind, a balanced life, a positive and optimistic approach towards life, an open mind to new ideas and experiences, a supportive social network are all considered as essential components of well-being.

01. Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness refers to the ability to understand and accept your feelings and create and adopt a positive and optimistic approach to life. It also involves stress reduction and successful coping with challenges and difficulties in life.

02. Physical Wellness

Physical wellness refers to develop and keep a healthy body and it is attained through making wise decisions when it comes to nutrition and physical activity. Other significant elements, which lead to physical wellness is adequate sleep, sexual health and avoidance of harmful habits such as tobacco and alcohol. Physical activity also consists in recognizing signs of illness and seeking of care when needed.

03. Social Wellness

Social wellness is the ability to create a network and the ability to establish and maintain positive and supportive relationships with others. It involves good communication skills, self-esteem and respect of others. It allows us to live a peaceful and happy life with our family, friends and co-workers.

04. Occupational Wellness

Occupational wellness is gained through satisfaction, which is derived from work and career and it is the ability to create and maintain balance between work and leisure time. It is the desire to positively impact your organization and the society where you live in.

05. Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness is about development of a set of values that help individuals to establish calm, harmony and peace in their lives. It refers to seeking and finding a meaning and purpose in human existence and it can be achieved through many ways, including religion or faith, meditation, ethics and morals.

06. Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness is about having an open mind to new ideas and experiences, which lead to expansion of knowledge and skills and contributes to mentally-stimulating life. It is important to gain and maintain intellectual wellness as it plays a critical role in decision making and in the interaction with other people in community.

07. Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness refers to maintaining an optimal living which maximizes harmony with the Earth and minimizes the negative impact of our behavior to the environmental surrounding. It is the ability to lead a lifestyle which is respectful to our environment and which raises awareness for protection of nature

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