MyCuris® Services

Second Medical Opinion


Second medical opinion is essential when you are faced with a change on your health condition. Those seeking a second medical opinion for circumstances affecting their daily routine and their quality of life, usually tend to be more educated about their condition and reach decision about treatment based on knowledge. They are also benefited by diagnosis confirmation protecting their selves against potential significant mistakes and risks. Additionally, online second medical consultation gives both patients and their treating physicians the opportunity to get an expert opinion from world leader and much experienced specialists saving the trouble of traveling abroad. As MyCuris member, irrespectively of your age or any pre-existing condition, you can take advantage of unlimited second medical opinions from American doctors cooperating with Assist America network. You are also benefited from reduced rates on medical consultations with doctors from Europe or Israel.

Executive check-ups


General medical examination is vital since it can detect health deterioration in early stages, when the rates of cure are significantly higher and available treatments are much more effective. Determination of body condition, ensures that you remain in a good functioning and, thus able to continue enjoying your life. In parallel, regular check-ups can proved to be the most efficient way in avoiding medical expenditures. Check-up examinations vary depending on your age and physical condition. MyCuris® offers a range of preventive health examinations tailored to meet your personal requirements and identify risk factors.

Emergency Medical Service when traveling


Emergency medical condition abroad is always an unpleasant situation. As MyCuris® member, you can remain free of stress and responsibilities of dealing with an emergency medical situation when you find yourself in a country other the one of your regular residence. Bypassing any language or cultural barrier, MyCuris® services cover you from transfer to the hospital until recovery and your travel back home. Global Emergency Services are offered in collaboration with Assist America. Founded in 1990 is the largest provider of global emergency medical services in the US and it put a vast network of resources in motion on behalf of any medical travel emergency. If appropriate medical care is not available locally, patient is transferred by air ambulance to the nearest facility that meets Assist America rigorous standards.

Medical Records


MyCuris® offers you the supportive system to archive your medical records online and accessing them from anywhere in the world within seconds. These records can also be shared with your doctors should you choose to share them.

Home Healthcare Services


Home healthcare refers to health care provided at your own place. Curis Home Healthcare Services include a vast range of services offered by skilled medical professionals, who are dedicated to deliver care to you to achieve quick recovery after injury or illness. It is considered as a very cost-effective way and you enjoy services tailored to your personal needs while you are surrounded by your family at the comfort of your own home.



You can be helped by physiotherapy treatment at any stage of your life as a part of a holistic approach towards your well-being. However, it is a common therapeutic practice after injury, or illness or due to chronic conditions which result to lack of body functions. Curis Physiotherapy Services aim to assist you in the process of restoring your full bodily functions and in maintaining your body in good physical condition through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice.

Mental Care


Through a secure environment flanked by acceptance, empathy, support, trust and confidentiality, you can externalize your thoughts and feelings. The goals of Curis Mental Health services are to help you realize the triggers that may make you less functional in your everyday life, acquire self-awareness and awareness of what is happening around you and activate your internal strengths. Through our mental health services, you can explore new, more effective ways of managing situations that may experience and develop yourself by achieving positive results to your growth and well-being.

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