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My Health Goals


Through MyCuris® platform, you can easily define your health goals and tailor a plan based on your personal lifestyle to reach them. Goal setting presuppose that you have identified the need of change in a specific area of your personal life and you are ready to plan and take actions to accomplish.

Macro-Nutrition Calculator


The macro-nutrition calculator tool is designed to help you measure your personal macro-nutritional needs. Based on the information it has regarding your individual characteristics and your daily activity, it is designed to calculate the basal metabolic rate (BMR), daily energy expenditure and macro-nutrient needs. This tool is ideal for meal planning. As it holds personalized information regarding your nutritional needs and expenditures, it allows you to design your meals perfectly.

Healthy Diet Planner


Healthy eating habits lead to a lower risk of health problems and empowerment of the body and mind. Through MyCuris® platform and the Healthy Diet Planner tool, you can practice and learn how to plan your meals after calculating your individual daily macro-nutritional needs. You can design your meals by choosing ingredients of your own preference thus actively getting involved in your meal preparation process.

Nutrition Facts Search


With MyCuris®, you can take an active role in the process of your meal preparation and planning based on your personal nutritional needs. With the help of an interactive and easy-to-use tool, you can find comprehensive nutritional information about a variety of foods and compare the nutritional facts provided by different sources. You will also be able to expand your knowledge about nutrition thus becoming a more informed consumer.

Stress Test


When dealing with major challenges and over-demanding situations in our everyday lives or feeling under threat or fear, our mind spontaneously reacts to those signals in order to form a shield of protection. Stress is a physical reaction and although it can sometimes be productive and motivate you to achieve positive changes in your life, most of the times it has a destructive nature and is harmful to your physical and emotional well-being. There are different ways to get rid of anxiety. MyCuris® Stress Test is designed to identify the level of your stress and anxiety. It also provides you with personal recommendations on how to reduce or even eliminate stress, and reach a psychological balance.

Online Medical Diagnosis


The Online Medical Diagnosis tool allows you to get some initial information about your health condition. By asking you targeted questions and guiding you, this accredited tool helps you identify the possible causes of your symptoms and get information regarding your health status. It does not work as a substitute for professional advice and it does not provide you with medical advice by reaching a diagnosis or suggesting treatment. It is an accredited tool you can trust for guidance and it can protect you against numerous non-reliable online sources which usually lead to unnecessary stress.

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