Why MyCuris®

Why MyCuris®?

MyCuris® has been designed to meet the realities of the new era. Healthcare sector around the world is faced with challenges, which force it to re-evaluate its operational model to adapt to the fast growing and changing societies. The rapid technological advances, the rising of life expectancy, which results to an aging population, the rising of chronic non-communicable diseases (also known as ‘lifestyle diseases’, such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiac diseases), the rising cost for medical services and treatment and globalisation rank among the most significant features of contemporary societies, which impel the healthcare industry to change. These challenges lead to a shift from a medical model of treating illness to a model of preventing disease and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.


Curis Network attentively observing the newly developed tendencies in healthcare sector, has advanced MyCuris®, a program designed to meet these challenges. Aiming to contribute to the structure of a new model, which will focus on prevention and provision rather than on disease management, MyCuris® encourages and supports members to actively develop and maintain healthy habits. Building healthy behaviours is the most challenging, yet the most significant component in improving people’ overall well-being. Impermanent actions do not lead to permanent results. Therefore, MyCuris® core philosophy is to educate and actively support individuals to adopt and maintain healthy habits and its vision is to create a future of healthier societies.

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